At Jaflah, we design and code thoughtful digital User Experiences & Beautiful Websites and we would love to work with You.

What kind of website suites your need? A portfolio website? An eCommerce? A blog? We use the latest technologies to deliver attention catching stunning web worlds that speak volumes. We, as well provide complete webmaster services to individuals and corporate organizations. Do not starve your business that much-deserved opportunity to get to the next level. Let us equip it with the perfect tools and hands we have got on decks.

Professional websites built
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We code from scratch using Python Django, PHP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. As well, we are very efficient with popular CMSs (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, etc) out there.


Efficient Code

Object oriented, flexible code. Very efficient and gives you complete freedom. Despite the complexity, we always make you part of the process.

Secure Websites and Apps

In the world where you do not need guns or dangerous weapons in order to rob, a lot is going on on the internet. Since your online shop is as delicate as the physical ones, you need as much security if not more, on them as the physical shops require. With our code, you need not concern yourself with security risks. We write highly secure code.


Bug Free!

Bugs leave loopholes that can damage your project beyond imagination. This is why we ensure that our code are bug free, efficient and accurate. We have experienced beta testers that validate the authenticity of the project, and we rest not until the targeted quality is met.

Cloud based

Yes, we keep things locally too. But we as well utilise cloud storage for easy access, recovery and accurate storage.
Are convinced?

We believe that now you are in love with our works and want to make beautiful and useful website(s) too. It is time we work together.

  • Personally I don’t give testimonies like this until I am sure there is nothing left to prove in terms competence and sincerity. I think Jaflah deserves this testimony and more. They hold a key end of our business, and it’s been a great journey so far.
    Omobayo Azeez, Business Metrics NG
  • Tunde and the team at Jaflah Web Solutions work with you and guide you every step of the way to make sure your website exceeds expectations. It doesn't stop there - they also provide excellent advice when it comes to ongoing SEO and Social Media set-up!
    Akinbola Ilyas, Easymade Barber Shop
  • Our e-commerce website is the heart of our business. Without it, we have no business at all. I understand the cash flow, but not the technicality involved in building and maintaining the site responsible for it. I give KUDOS to the team behind this… JAFLAH!
    Goldmind TemiDayo, Gold Execu5ive Wears

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